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Monday, October 15, 2012

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake & Win Groceries For A Year!

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Hello everyone!
I am so glad to be back to share this delicious recipe for Salted Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake with you!
It doesn't take a lot of time to make...about 20 minutes of preparation and 40 minutes of baking time, and it features one of this home's favourite ingredients...Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Although this original recipe from Philadelphia Cream Cheese is made in a 9 inch springform pan, I had fun playing around and making single serving cheesecakes in 250 ml wide mouth mason jars. I loved how this dessert looks in the jars!

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake

•3 packages (250g each) Philadelphia brick cream cheese, softened
•1 1/4 cups OREO crumbs

•1/4 cup butter, melted

•3/4 cup sugar

•3 eggs

•4 squares Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate, melted

•3/4 cup caramel sauce

•1/2 teaspoon coarse sea salt

1.Preheat oven to 350°F. Mix crumbs and butter. Press firmly onto bottom of a 9-inch springform pan or 12 {250 ml size} mason jars.

2.Beat Philadelphia cream cheese and sugar in a large bowl until blended. Add eggs, 1 at a time, mixing on low speed just until blended. Stir in chocolate; pour over crust, or pour into 12 mason jars {250 ml size and fill jars 2/3 cup full as filling will puff up during baking.}

3.Bake 40 min. or until centre is almost set.{If making single servings in mason jars, place the jars on a cookie sheet to go into the oven.} Run knife around rim of pan to loosen cake; cool completely before removing rim. Refrigerate 4 hours. Spread caramel sauce over top just before serving and sprinkle with sea salt.

{Here's a tip: Use the flat bottom of a glass to press the cookie crumbs in the bottom of the jars.}
I garnished the cheesecakes with whipped cream, caramel sauce, a caramel and a sprinkle of sea salt.
I love the look of desserts in mason adorable!
These are also perfect for gift giving!
Now let me tell you about this amazing contest by Real Women of Philadelphia.
{Sorry...this is open to Canadian residents only.}

Can you imagine winning free groceries for a week? How seriously cool!

Contest Details
- How would you like to win groceries for a year!? Imagine how much money you would save if all your food was given to you for free? Real Women of Philadelphia is making that dream possible for three grand prize winners, in the form of $10,000 gift certificates from your favourite grocery store.

- Sign up for the Real Women of Philadelphia online community and automatically be entered into the sweepstakes. Weekly prizes will also be drawn for Free Philly for a year!

Visit the site daily from Oct 15th – Nov 5th. Every time you post a comment anywhere on the site you automatically receive an entry to a maximum of 1 entry per day for 21 days.

- Contest opens October 15th,, 2012 and ends November 4, 2012.

Go HERE to enter this exciting contest!

Good luck!
Why Join Real Women of Philadelphia?
- Join our exciting online community for people who love to cook. Connect with cooking enthusiasts and food lovers from across the country in our Forum, share and exchange recipes, and learn valuable cooking tips from experts like Anna Olson.

- The festive season is just around the corner. What better time to check out great ideas for exciting appetizers, mouthwatering entries, and cool and creamy desserts from Philly. Impress your guest with our easy recipes that allow you to create a great meal and still enjoy your party.

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Bronwyn said...

Yum! I love the combo of sweet and salty together. One balances the other so perfectly! I really have to try this "food served in a jar" thing. I looks so pretty and is so easy. Thanks again for the inspiration!

JoKnows said...

Your mason jars look so pretty.

I am definitely entering this contest. Groceries are my favourite thing to buy! Seriously. I love food.

If you have a little one in your life, enter to win an eco-friendly playhouse on my blog:

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Oh my gosh! I can feel my arteries clogging up just READING about this - LOL! What a wonderful, sweet treat and I agree -- the little jars are SO much cuter than a large cake!

Leslie said...

Ohhhh my Gosh ~ these look incredible!!! Not only are you one of my favorite blog cooks .. but you are certainly my favorite " packager"! You always make a great presentation!

Nicky @ Pink Recipe Box said...

What a fantastic idea! These cheesecakes look delicious - stuff always looks cuter in mason jars. Pinning :)

The CSI Girl said...

This looks great! So cute!!! I hope you will share this starting Wednesday night at The CSI Project. This week's challenge is Fall Foods and this is perfect!
Come on over! Each week is a new craft challenge and Food sometimes!

Winnie said...

These look fantastic and sounds super delicious
Cute and quite unique :)

How2home said...

that looks amazing

The Shoestring Contessa said...

I pinned this after seeing it on Six Sister's Stuff, and visiting now from Postiviely Splendid! Can't wait to try it.

Katie Drane said...

I'm so glad that I'm following you! That looks amazing!


Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl said...

Yum! This looks so good. I just love your recipes! I would love for you to come share at my Farm Girl Blog Fest! Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily

Connie said...

Love this, such a great idea to use the jars. I wanted to invite you to add this post to my mason jar linky. Hope you will!

HungryLittleGirl said...

This looks amazing and so delicious!
I would love to have you share this or any other of your recipes at Wednesday Extravaganza - my Foodie Link Party! Here is the link:

Can't wait to see you there!

Jocelyn said...

There is just something so fun about eating things out of jars. And when those things are salted caramel cheesecake, I am all over it!!! Salted caramel is my favorite:-)

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