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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Perfect Picnic Sandwich {Oh Yes It Is!}

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This is one of our all time favourite recipes ever.
Our all-time yummy-always-a-hit picnic sandwich.
I love it because not only is it a fabulous sandwich, but it is the ultimate in 'make ahead'  food.
It tastes better the day after it's made....after the flavours have had time to mingle.
It makes 8 sandwich wedges and each piece is very filling and satisfying.

This sandwich requires a filling, some meat & cheeses and a round loaf.
Step 1: The Filling.
5 seeded & chopped plum tomatoes
1 cup chopped red, orange or yellow peppers
1/4 cup chopped pitted black olives (I use kalamata olives)
1/4 cup chopped red onion ( I increase this to 1/2 cup)
2 garlic cloves, minced
1/2 cup chopped fresh basil. Do not skip this ingredient!
2 tsp. balsamic or red wine vinegar
drizzle of olive oil

Mix all of these things together.The tomato mixture is similar to a brushchetta topping. You can adapt the filling to your own tastes by adding grilled vegetables with hummus or pesto.
The filling will look like this:
Step 2: Scoop Out the Round Loaf
Scoop out the loaf so that you have about 1 inch of bread all around. Keep the 'hat' of the loaf for the finished sandwich.
Brush the inside of the loaf with olive oil.
This step prevents the bread from going soggy.
Step 3: Fill the Round Loaf
Now spoon half of the filling into the bottom of the bread and press down with spoon.
Then layer in half of the sliced meats.
You can use different salami, ham, turkey or even eggplant if you want to keep it vegetarian.
In this sandwich, I used sliced turkey & ham.
Then layer in cheese slices. I used havarti slices. Again, any favourite cheese can be used.

After the cheese layer, layer the remaining meat and spoon in the other half of the filling.
Place the 'hat' back on the loaf. Press firmly. You are done!
Step 4:Wrap the Sandwich for The Picnic
Wrap sandwich tightly in saran wrap.
Then I also wrap in tin foil.
Place sandwich in large bowl with some soup cans on top for weight to help "press" the sandwich.
(This step can be skipped, especially if you don't have room in your fridge for the big bowl).
Place sandwich in fridge overnight.
I usually slice my sandwich in the morning with an electric knife into 8 wedges.
Then I re-wrap the sandwich in plastic wrap and tin foil and place in the cooler until lunch time.

This sandwich doesn't take long to make. Once you chop up the ingredients for the filling, the rest only takes a few minutes. My 13 yr. old daughter has actually made this sandwich.

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Cannary Family said...

That looks so good! Must try it!

Tanya said...

I tried this when I first saw it posted and it's become a family favourite, especially on hot days when I don't feel like cooking!

Katy (France) said...

That looks delicious :-)

Susan @ Busy Home Adventures said...

Ohhh, this looks SO GOOD! I have some basil sitting around...maybe I will try this. It looks like the bread is key as well. Thanks so muchf or sharing!!!

Erin said...

looks great! I may have to make this for Ravinia ( in case your interested), An outdoor concert picinic venue in Chicago. I love that you can make it the night before which is exaclty what I need!!

Pamela said...

Yum, yum, yum!!! This is an awesome sandwich Angie!
Thanks for sharing!

I love your camping post...great tips!!

Pamela xo

Comeca Jones said...

Im so keepin this one in my recipe folder for meals I will try for next month thanks!

Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

Umm this one looks yummy too!

Thank you for your visit on my blog!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

I'm trying that one... ham and cheese gets a bit old :)

Six said...

That looks delicious! We found your blog through TT&J and are your newest followers! We would love for you to follow us and check out our blog. We have an awesome giveaway going on right now!

Jennifer said...

I love this sort of thing! We do a lot of throw things in the cooler and head out for a picnic. This looks perfect! YUM! Thanks for sharing. :)

Loretta said...

Yummy! What a beautiful sandwich and with all favorites! You have made me so hungry! LOL. Great Post! I am now you new follower. Please come and follow us...we would love to have you with us! Luv

While My Sailors Aweigh said...

I made this sandwich this weekend and it was absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!! I passed it on to anyone I could think of... would love to try some more of your recipes!!

Shannon said...

oh man that looks GOOOOOOD!

Tanya @ Greetings From the Asylum said...

I have been making a version of this sandwich for years.
My husband calls it my "Big A** Sandwich." Because it is both big and will widen your bum if you eat too many! I can't wait to try your recipe! YUMMY! Thanks for sharing!

Catherina said...

OH my goodness, my mouth is literally watering!! thanks for sharing, I really need to make this now! :-)


sheryl said...

What an awesome sandwich. I would love it if you came by Cast Party Wednesday tomorrow and shared some of your recipes with us.
I hope to see you there!

Samara Link said...

This looks lovely! Delicious and beautiful -- a really nice presentation. I almost forwarded it to my friend, Barb, who is always having parties. But then I decided, devilishly, to keep it for myself so I can use it to entertain her sometime. :)

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Oh.. Yum...Yum...
Will certainly be trying this one.
Thanks for sharing
(stopping by from TT&J)

Gabi said...

W-O-W... this sandwich looks sooo tempting! I´m definitely making it. Thanks for sharing!!


Vicki V @ said...

This looks delish and I'm pinning it to Pinterest to try very soon!

Good Girl Gone Green said...

I love the salsa idea for a sandwich. I am not a meat or cheese eater, but man oh man i will be trying the salsa sandwich! Thanks!

Brandi said...

Oh my, this looks So Good!

Simply Sammie said...

WOW! This looks absolutely delicious! Pinning to try later. Thanks so much for sharing.

Lady Behind The Curtain said...

I LOVE these sandwiches! I'd love it if you came over to Cast Party Wednesday and shared some recipes with us.
I hope to see you there!

Chef in Training said...

YUM! This looks great! Thanks so much for linking up to Tuesday Talent Show! I would love to have you stop by and link up again tomorrow with more great projects!

Joshua Carroll said...

Oh dear...this looks amazing!

Rebekah said...

Made this before going camping this weekend and it was (as advertised) A-MAZE-ING!! Thank you, we loved it!

Anna said...

We really enjoyed this on a recent camping weekend, too. Thanks a lot!

Carol Morris said...

Have made this twice now, gets better every time. Sooo easy and delicious!

NuM NuM said...
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NuM NuM said...

How much deli meats and cheese do you use. If u could provide amounts that would b great :)

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