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Thursday, May 07, 2009

catching up.....

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As every scrapooker knows, the bane of our scrapbook existance is the game of "catching up". Once you get hooked on this feel the need to go back and scrapbook-prettify every picture in your life. In reality, this is an impossible task...and even if time would allow...I think you would suffer from creative burnout long before the task would be complete.
This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a 3 day scrapbook retreat at a rustic ranch an hour outside of town. In between the great food, detoxifying saunas, "slush" drinks, reading & naps....I was able to complete over 40 pages in scrap-speed style. I have decided that the only way I will ever 'catch up' is if I toss the idea of 'every event needs a 12x12 layout' and scrapbook with simple 6-up photo sleeves. It worked well...I like the result and it motivates me to move forward with getting pictures out of nicely labelled storage boxes and into a format I can live with.
Sad to say, but I think Tyler has not seen many of these photos and Hunter only remembers a few. This format allows me some creative fun without the overwhelming task of creating a new layout for every group of pictures.

Maybe it's not my best creative 'work', but I remind myself that scrapbooking is about the remembering, the reminescing and the story-telling, right?

At least the photos can be enjoyed, giggled at, and take a place in our family history.


Lise said...

Sigh, You're so clever Ang!
I wish I had the patience for scrapbooking, you do such a great job!

Theresa said...

Clever idea - when can I have an in-service?! I have recently noticed I have 6300 photos on my computer that have never been printed, and another thousand or so sitting in not-so-nicely-labeled boxes! Please help!!
I so enjoy reading your blog!

Danie said...

I love this simple style of scrapbooking. Makes me want to pull it all out again.

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