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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

5 Ways To Create Great Curb Appeal

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After living in our current home for nine years, my husband and I recently began to look at our house with fresh eyes. We realized that, over time, our house had begun to look a little tired and was in need of a refresh to give it some great curb appeal again. And with some work and elbow grease, we managed to have things looking as lovely on the outside as on the inside. As we completed our work, we found that there are five main areas that need attention to create the curb appeal that every home should have.
1: Doors. A great front door can add so much to a home's character. It's a feature that can take a home from bland to eye-catching, all with a mere coat of paint. The front door should always fit well with the home's overall exterior design, as should the windows. (I will talk about windows next)
There are a few ways to have a great front door: a great colour, a great door design or a door decoration, for instance. They all work in making a home's entrance look inviting.
2: Windows. Window frames are often a feature that is overlooked, but making sure that your home's window frame colour fits with the overall design and colour scheme of the home's exterior is an important consideration. Attractive doors, along with the right colour of window frames, are a great way to increase a home's curb appeal. And, with All Weather Windows’ new Renolit colour offering, having beautiful coloured window frames to match your home's exterior design is something to consider for not just value-added curb appeal, but for energy efficiency as well. 

3: Walkways. It’s a great idea to have the walkway to the front door looking pretty: either with plants, stonework, shrubs or other landscaping materials. For our walkway, we added a few new perennials and installed some landscaping fabric to help in reducing weeds.
4: Plant Pots. Adding some coloured plant pots to punctuate the front door is a very easy and simple way of making a home's exterior look warm and inviting!
5: Seasonal Decorating. Seasonal decorating is a great way of giving your home some character and individuality. When a home is decorated for the seasons, it says that the home is loved and that there is pride in homeownership.
When designing a home's exterior, there are many things to consider, such as the overall colour scheme (including doors, windows and siding), which will give your home a look that will set it apart from other homes in the neighbourhood. Doors and windows in colours that complement the home's design are a feature that will add value for years to come. And, when you add things like decorated walkways, plants and other seasonal decorating items, the result is a home that looks welcoming and inviting!

Disclosure; This post was generously sponsored by All Weather Windows.

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