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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

26 Amazing Back To School Ideas..Organizing Tips, Breakfast & Lunch Ideas

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Next week marks the start of school for both of my kids like many kids across North America, and that means that after a lazy summer, it's time to get organized around these parts with meals and routines. It's time to prep lunches on Sundays, make things for the freezer and have healthy salads at the ready!
 A little food prep and planning and organizing can go a long way to may the transition back into school routines much easier.
Here is a collection of breakfasts-to-go, things to bake & freeze, packed lunch ideas, organizing ideas and even some fun supper ideas!
I hope you find something that rocks for your family!
Breakfasts On The Go:
 Things to Bake & Freeze:
Lunch Ideas That Are NOT Sandwiches:
Best Pasta Salad Ever {Not soggy and drippy!} 
Great for after school meals needed in a hurry! 
How about a great after school birthday party idea?
Just go to a park with a Tailgate picnic!
Or a have school friends over Fajita Friday Feast!
Most kids love fajitas!

Or how about a have school friends over Asian Noodle Bar?
Kids can make their own bowls of what they like!

And a few more ideas here:
I hope that your Back-To-School preparations are going just peachy keen!
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1 comment:

JoKnows said...

So many great ideas. I can use the inspiration. I'm not ready for it to be back to school time!

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