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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Mother's Day Breakfast...

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I always remind my children that I appreciate small gestures from them much more than big gifts when it comes to special occasions.
I don't care about diamonds, or expensive purses or trendy shoes....just give me little gifts of love any day of the week.
A few years ago, my daughter went Christmas shopping for me on her own with her own money, and she bought some Burt's Bees lipstick and hand salve for me.
I loved that she knew that these things were my favourite little everyday things.
My son often brings me a glass of water with ice or a small treat on a plate when I have gone to bed early to read a good book.
It's these kinds of things that make me feel loved.
This brings me to a Mother's Day breakfast.
I love when others make food for means they know that a break from the kitchen is a wonderful gift...and, for instance,  a breakfast tray would be an amazing and luxurious treat.
This is what my dream breakfast tray would look like...
Orange juice..{I am not a coffee drinker, so imagine coffee here too if you drink it.}
a soft-boiled egg with toast...
and a delicious fruit salad garnished with a bit of whipped cream and a strawberry.
Simple yet filling.
I lined the tray with this pretty turquoise place mat and used this awesome flower print paper napkin...both from that store!
I completed the tray by adding this mini-terrarium that I shared in yesterday's post.
(So, dear children, if you are reading Mommy's blog, here is a small hint as to what special surprise you could make for Mommy!)
And if I lived closer to my own Mom, I would surely consider surprising her with a special meal on a pretty tray for Mother's Day.
My son does not enjoy making crafts at all, but I know he would gladly make something like this for me if I suggested it.
My daughter would be more likely to tackle a bigger meal on her own....2 few years ago she made a terrific greek supper for me on Mother's Day...complete with dessert.
It was wonderful and I was so proud of her.
So don't be afraid to suggest to your children that you would love a break from the kitchen on Mother's Day...and see what they come up with!
Cooking for people is a time-honoured way of showing love!

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Kristin said...

This would make me happy too!

Sherie said...

I would love to wake up to something like this on Mother's Day. I would do it up for MY mom, but she lives almost 2000 miles away :(

Meg said...

Angie, can I come over for breakfast??? This looks perfect!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I love the turquoise placemat and serviettes. Looks like a yummy breakfast.

Jenn Lifford said...

Yes, that would make the perfect breakfast! Connor's birthday is on Mother's Day this year so I think the birthday will trump Mother's Day! Maybe next year...
Superstore has some fabulous decor items out right now - loving those colors. I've been trying to figure out an excuse to buy some of those matching trays. :)
I hope your kids read your post!
Jenn xo

Donna Laprade said...

Looks great and I noticed the mini terrarium on the tray right away!

Leslie said...

What a gorgeous breakfast!!! Love the terrarium.

notyet100 said...

So cute luv the tray,..:)

Bronwyn said...

Oh yeah! I'd love this too! Only I like my toast cut into "soldiers" just like MY mom used to do.
Love those napkins. I'm off to the Superstore this afternoon - I'll be on the lookout!

Bronwyn said...

Oh yeah! I'd love this too! Only I like my toast cut into "soldiers" just like MY mom used to do.
Love those napkins. I'm off to the Superstore this afternoon - I'll be on the lookout!

Kim said...

Breakfast in bed sounds divine!! I love your mini terrarium idea, so cool!

Aledia said...

What a lovely breakfast tray!!

Have a wonderful night!

Aledia @ Plum Perfect

Danielle said...

Angie, this is lovely. I wish my husband would read this post...: ) I would love to wake up to this on Mother's day. My son is still a little too young but maybe with a little help from Daddy he could pull it off. I'm with you - I don't need expensive purses or jewlery - it's the little every day things that count. I'm sure your kids will treat you well this mother's day!

Danielle xo

YummyInspirations said...

One could only wish to be greeted with such a beautiful Mothers Day Breakfast! Would love you to share this post at my New Link Party - Breakfast Ideas Mondays -

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

I agree with you that time together and little thoughtful actions mean so much more to me on Mother's Day than other gifts. Your little terrarium is so cut and such a good idea! I think I will make a few too. Linda

Snap said...

Such a pretty breakfast tray for Mother's Day. I love turquoise! Well done!

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

Here from Seasonal Sundays - gorgeous breakfast tray - I love the colors and spring flair!

Nancy said...

Love the tray. That would be a great treat for any woman.

Julie Khuu said...

Aw mama, how sweet is that??! A true testament to their amazing upbringing! So cute!

I’m hosting 5 days of GIVEAWAYS in honor of my blog’s 2yr anniversary…5 chances to win! Would love for you to stop by and check it out!

Peace. Love. LOL!


Kelli said...

So sweet...what a happy morning that was.

JoKnows said...

Your tray is so pretty and your children sound sweet! I like nothing better than to read a good book, listen to some nice music and have someone bring me lovely food! Followed by chocolate. ;)

The Tablescaper said...

Great little feast for the eyes. Love the mini terrarium. Sure hope your children are reading!!

Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays. Be sure to check out my recent post and GIVEAWAY announcement.

- The Tablescaper

KB said...

That breakfast looks soooo good.

Jennifer said...

Now if I could just get my family to check out your blog before Mothers Day! I would love to wake up to that!

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Hello Angie,
My children have brought breakfast for years...over time there's only one left in the nest (part-time) she does a sweet job creating breakfast in bed. Sweet blessings!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

This would bring a smile to any mom's face -- LOVE those napkins! Those with kids still at home, leave your laptop open and this post up . . . let's see if anyone catches the hint!

The House at Bluebird Lane said...

Really pretty! All moms deserve breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. I need to show my kids this one. :-)

Barbara said...

Such a sweet post. I think you are teaching your children a valuable lesson on what moms treasure the most. I love the simplicity and colors of this pretty, pretty tray.

Happy Chinadoll said...

I agree. If my husband makes that I would also be happy :) I love the idea of the flowers in the champagne glass.

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