Friday, March 16, 2012

A Pretty Picnic To Celebrate Spring...

A friend of mine was telling me how bummed she was feeling and the spring couldn't come fast enough for her.
I decided a 'picnic' resuce was in order....the perfect 'pick-me-up' for a kindred spirit.
I quickly put together a basket and whisked her away  to a local art gallery/library building to share lunch together in the building's atrium.
{Remember in yesterday's post  I mentioned some 'yellow' themed projects coming up?}
 I made a few sandwiches and tucked them into glassine bags and tied them with baker's twine for a little bit of pretty.
I also threw in some Pellegrino Lemonata Sodas with yellow striped straws.
A few chips and my homemade choc chip cookies and the picnic was complete.
 These pretty napkins come from the aisles of Superstore.
{I *adore* their kitchen & home decor the point of obsession}
 And this lovely also comes from Superstore....part of a packaged set of 2 yellow pear print dish towels.
 I loved the print as a lining for my picnic basket.
 I put together this picnic in about 10 minutes.
Simple sandwiches, some crunchies, drinks and a cookie dessert.
And we had such a great time together...talking & laughing...and I could see her sad mood melt away.
sunny yellow picnic was the perfect remedy for a friend feeling a little blue.
 Picnics are such a wonderful way to spend time with family & friends.
They are easy to create, fun & relaxed, and easy on the budget.
When my kids were younger, we used to pack picnics often for day trips to parks, museums or  the zoo.
It's so much better to be prepared with a picnic for little ones rather than trying to get into a crowded restaurant for lunch on a hot day.
We still pack picnics in the summer for day trips to the beach or excursions on our boat.
Here are some other great picnic food ideas from our kitchen:
Our favourite picnic sandwich for day trips:
And last week I shared this recipe for a layered salad in a jar which would be another perfect picnic food:
And you can find the recipe for our fav chocolate chip cookie recipe here.
Good weather and picnics are the perfect blend of fun!
Wishing  you a wonderful weekend!
Love to all...xo.

{If you would like to try striped straws, glassine bags, and baker's twine for your own picnic or projects...I purchased my pretties at Canadian company based here in Alberta which specializes in green products for your home.}

{Thank you so much to Jen at Tatertots & Jello for featuring this picnic.You can view the feature here.}
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  1. Hi Angie,
    What a wonderful idea, to pick up a friend and share a picnic lunch! It makes me wish it was me you were picking up. Actually I could SO do this today, I'm tired of being inside all week long, maybe I will go for a picnic by myself.:)
    Your picnic looks lovely and so delicious, you make everything so pretty.
    Love and hugs for a wonderful day,

  2. I've got to find a good bread {gluten free} for me to do this, Angie! This is so timely for me, too, because I found a local arboretum and went with my daughter and granddaughter on Wednesday! I was so excited because it's only about 15 minutes away. It was a beautiful day and, while mostly daffodils were blooming, there were quite a few people around. I told my daughter this would be a great place to come and have a picnic.

    You put together a lovely basket and I'll bet your friend loved it all! The yellow is so cheery, how could you not be!

  3. It has rained here all week so this bright post is just what I needed! They salad in a jar looks really good. That would be fun to do this summer
    Happy Friday!

  4. So simple, so lovely and so yummy

  5. Love the dish towel! So cute and yellow. The food looks so jummie, makes me hungry! Lol. I don't really go on picknicks but I think I will have to change that this summer since there is a park not that far from my home and it is a nice and inexpensive trip. Hope you have a nice weekend! Hugs, Hanneke

  6. I've been dreaming of picnics all week since we have had the most beautiful weather. I'm thinking this weekend we might just have to go for it. I love all the happy yellow in your pictures.

  7. Aw you're the BEST friend a gal could ask for! Love all the bold citrus touches, that would brighten up anyone's day for sure!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  8. What a lucky lady your friend is. What a blessing you are to your family and friends. Thanks for your bright, cheery, love-filled ideas, Angie.

  9. Love it, so bright and cheery! That Pelligrino lemonade is my FAVORTIE...your food looks delicious and great packaging.

  10. What a great friend you are! Wanna be mine?! And that Pelligrino lemonata is the perfect thing for a yellow drink, without being fussy - totally using that for a spring party I'll be throwing in a few weeks!

  11. Well, this brightened my day and I didn't even come on the picnic! What a sweet, thoughtful friend you are! Love the bright yellow colors. Happy Spring!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  12. This is wonderful! What a great friend you are, Angie. I'm sure your friend was cheered up after this treat. Your picnic items are awesome! And you picked the perfect color - Yellow brightens up any day. Well done!

    Have a great weekend!

    Danielle xo

  13. Oh, this looks like fun! Picnics really are an easy way to enjoy an afternoon. Hubby and I often pack a quick lunch and hop on the Harley to have a picnic in a secluded spot off the main highway. I have a special picnic "bag" and it has wine glasses, faux flowers and a candle at the ready so our outdoor "meals" are always made more special. I really like how you coordinated the yellow theme for your pick-me-up picnic for a friend - very thoughtful of you too!


  14. It looks fabulous Angie! We have pretty much had constant rain {or light snow} for the past three weeks so this would be such a nice treat! Love the yellow and I have been eying up those towels too - love the green pears as well!
    Jenn :0

  15. So bright and cheery . . . and yummy looking! I missed that salad in a jar . . . off to check it out!

  16. I would picnic with you anytime Angie. :) This is so lovely and inspiring. I will try this when the weather gets warmer. I'm going to have to go with an orange theme, because I love the San Pellegrino Aranciata best!

  17. What a sweet girlfriend you are!!!
    I love these punchy fresh colours too!
    That drink is Sam's favourite in the summer too!!
    I just got back from is my favourite (don't tell my boss that!) and I go crazy in the clothing and houseware section too!!
    I'm making those cookies today!!!
    I'm going to have to make that sandwich this summer as well.
    Pamela xo

  18. Wow, that all looks amazing! And so sweet of you to do that for your friend. :)

  19. What a pretty picnic! so fresh!

  20. Hi my dear!!

    I think that this post is so nice...good work,girl!!! <3 <3 The idea of the picnik is great!


    Visit my blog,and if you love it,we could follow each other!!! :)
    I'll wait your answer on my blog!!! <3


  21. What a lovely picnic and a super sweet idea! :)

  22. A pick me up picnic! You are a wonderful friend. This picnic would cheer anyone up with all it's bright, sunny yellow.

  23. Woo Hoo!!! Pretty sunshine. Love your picnic idea - and even more that you did it to cheer your friend up. Your picture of the picnic layout looks good enough for Real Living magazine in my opinion. :)

  24. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with a friend, Angie. And what a good friend you are to make it special for her. Everything was packaged so cheerfully. How could it not lift spirits! Thanks for sharing. This post has inspired me to pack a picnic!

  25. SO PRETTY!! if a friend brought me a basket like this I would DIE from the pretty!

  26. Your sandwich in this post has inspired me for a luncheon I am catering on Sunday. I think I will make a couple of nice loaves of French bread and stuff them hugely, cut into individual pieces and hold each piece with a pick. I can see it now. Love the napkins!

  27. What pretty packaging and the meal would be a real treat!

  28. LOVE this!! SO beautiful!! Hope you can link this up at my turquoise lovin' party!!

  29. Love the fresh spring colors! And what a great gesture. We all need to look for that person who is a little down and bring them back up. Well done.

  30. What a good friend! Nothing like the bright yellows of Spring,yummy food, and of course the caring friendship to perk up a pal.

  31. such a sweet the colors and love the cute string tied cookies just a sweet post...can't believe I just now found your blog...I am now a follower...

  32. This is so cheerful and fun! I want to come!

    Take care,



  34. I want to go on that picnic. It looks like I'd be dining with Martha. I'm pretty amazed at all this.


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