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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tales of The Changing Tablescapes of the Piano...

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Decorating the top of the piano has frustated me for years.
For years, I had nothing on top of it because I was never satisfied with whatever I put there.
But after many years of playing, I think I finally have the 'knack', if you will, of dressing the piano in fun outfits.
Today I just dressed her in a very clean look.
She has been dressed in frilly outfits for months was time to take a break.
Today she is wearing just a round mirror break up the boxiness of the piano shape.
Some books for interest.
Two silver bookends for a little something shiny.
And two lamps bought on clearance for $25 each at HomeSense.
{I love the light from the late afternoon sun streaming means winter is slowly leaving.}
Here she is all decked out for Thanksgiving.
Just a few additions to her outfit to celebrate the season.
This is the look she wore for Halloween.
Lots of black and different shapes worked in.
Christmastime brought a major change in outfit.
The lamps and books got put away completely.
Miss Piano got sparkly snowflakes and hits of blue & green.
I thought she looked lovely for the party.
For Valentine's Day, she wore romantic tones of red and pink.
The lamps came back....and family photos and some subway art completed the accessorizing.
And here she is today.
Just calm and fresh.
She might have an outfit for Easter.
Maybe not.
I haven't quite decided yet.
I think the trick to outfits for Miss Piano Top are tablescapes that are low and wide with shapes that are not too boxy.
And you can never go wrong with a round mirror and books.

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Meg said...

I treat our piano top as the mantle I don't have. Anything that will work on a mantle, looks great on our piano (minus attaching stocking hooks, of course).

Thank you for all the inspiration!

Jennifer said...

Looks great every season! I love the arrangement of the books. I might give my piano "mantle" a makeover now.
Scissors & Spatulas

Lynn said...

Wow - it looks great no matter the season. Very nice.

Pamela said...

She looks great Angie! I used to have this same problem with my fireplace mantle! The area was so large and everything always looked lost.
Love the lamps!! Isn't HomeSense the best?
Pamela xo

Dining Delight said...

I love all of your piano outfits! The mirror and lamps look perfect and you accent them wonderfully for all of the seasons! I'm hoping you'll do one for Easter - love to see it! The colour of your walls is sensational too!


sandra said...

We are glad that you LOVE your piano M&D

Kellie Collis said...

Every season is a beautiful sight! Well done! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It's almost like decorating a mantel, Angie. I like the look you have at the moment {I liked the looks you did for the holidays, too}. The books work well and, sometimes when I feel like something is missing, I add a few books to it.

Colleen said...

I loved all of yours! I have two mantles and have enough trouble on an average day decorating them!!

Girl of The Grove said...

I love your piano-scape.
You really have an eye for decor.

Land family said...

I thought yours was a mantle! I have a grand piano (well a baby grand) that I can not for the life of me figure out how to make look nice.

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Hi Angie! I love all your piano's "outfits"! First to mind for me was you can almost treat it like a mantel. I love it's new calm, clean look you've gone with. And those lamps - love 'em!

Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend :o)

meeks said...

I have been feeling very inspired by all your blog posts today! It is so nice to step out of your comfort zone, and see what others are doing with their space.

Thanks a mil!

Vicky @ Pearl District said...

Hello :)

I just came across your blog, searching for ideas on how to decorate my piano. Thank you so much for so many lovely ideas! I just blogged about my dillema, used your photo, and linked back to your page. Thank you so much! I'm in love with your blog and am a new follower!!


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

I love seeing the variety of displays you do!

~ Sarah

My House of L said...

Love all the looks!

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