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Monday, December 06, 2010

10 Things I Hope My 9 Year Old Son Will LOVE Come Christmas Morning....

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I hope my 9 yr. old doesn't take a look at this post between now and Christmas!
I am trusting he will be too busy!

Santa shopping is all done here.
Here is what he chose for Mr. Tyler.
He chose things he hopes he will play with, read and have fun.
Simple & basic.
No fancy schmancy clothes for him...clothes are not his thing.
{Clothes are bought for him when he needs them.}
No expensive electronics.
No thousands of dollars spent on Christmas.
These are his stocking stuffers and gifts.
What does not fit into the large knitted sock will rest under the sock.

1. Whimpy Kid Stuff.
Tyler loves Whimpy Kid. He saw the movie and he has already read the 4th and latest book in the series. Santa thought Tyler might like the Wimpy Kid T-shirt...where you can add your own words in the bubble. Tyler loves bookmarks. And a pencil case for his desk.

2. Boys Love Facts Books....Guinness World Book of Records 2011 & Ripley's Believe It or Not.
Fascinating boy stuff. These will keep Tyler busy for hours.

3. Blokus. A fun strategy game. Lots of people we know have this game and love it.

4. Professor Noggins Games.
We love Professor Noggins games at our house. Fun trivia that can be played without having to read a whole bunch of rules.

5. A Sound Machine.
Every 9 yr. old boy needs a sound machine. This one farts, burps and screams. What more can I say? {Chapters $9.99}.

6. A Good Book.
Tyler pointed this book out to me while we were browsing in Chapters as the next book he wanted to read.

7. Peanuts Stuff.
Tyler loves Peanuts. Especially Linus & Snoopy. {Hallmark Store}.

8. Silly & Fun Stuff.
Slinkys are a Tyler approved toy. {Until the dog gets it and then it doesn't work so great.}

9. A Doodle Pad.
My kids love to doodle. Especially in restaurants...if mom can remember to put some of these sheets in her purse to take along.

10. Some Good Canadian Red Mittens & Candy.
These red mittens were made popular during the 2010 Winter Olympics. The 2011 version is just as nice in Tyler's opinion. {Is anyone else reminded of a Laura Ingalls Christmas with red mittens and a peppermint candy?}

And Santa's workshop has the gifts all wrapped up and hidden away.

I am sure that Santa' assistant {A.K.A. Dad} will want to tuck a video game in there somewhere.

There is the temptation to go out and buy something really big for Christmas.
But we remind our children that they are very blessed with everything that they have.
And Christmas is really not about the stuff.


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

FUN! I really need to get to shopping.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I think Mr. Tyler will be quite pleased, Angie! You've put a lot of thought into his gifts and it shows. I'm sure that even at his young age he will realize that. I remember giving my kids a few gifts that they loved and they cost nothing really. My daughter's favorite was when I wrote to her favorite author at the time and asked for an autograph, for my future author, who was her fan. She cried when she saw it.

Pamela said...

I have to find that whimpy kid book mark. Sam read all the books and loved them and he always needs a book mark.
Love the snoopy , woodstock mug that is also something Sam would love!
I'm going to Chapters tomorrow so i'll be on the look out for stuff like this!
Sam is now 11 and wants clothes lol ! This makes shopping ideas easier now.
Thanks for the stocking stuff ideas Angie!
Pamela xo

Nancy said...

Great gift choices Angie. My daughter Jen loves Little House, I am sure she would remember the red mittens and candy cane. Loved looking threw all of the gifts, thanks!

Girl of The Grove said...

What great gifts. You are so thoughtful, Angie. He's lucky to have a Momma like you. : )

No Ordinary Me said...

I love them for my son whose 10. What a great, basic, but very wonderful bunch of gifts.

Simone said...

Thanks for posting this, it has helped me with my own list! I bought my son the sound box last year and he LOVED it. (Mind you we have had to listen to broken glass, drum rolls and burbs all year round) Enjoy!

Leslie said...

I need to get busy with the shopping. My girls love recieving books.

Jennifer said...

We have the Blokus game and hands down it is the favorite family game in this house. I have a pair of those mittens on my Christmas wish list! LOL!

Lori said...

It all looks like tons of fun for a 10 year old! We took the same approach to gifts this year for our only child who is also the only grandchild on both sides (can we say spoiled???) Nothing too big, just a bunch of stuff we know he will enjoy! Merry Christmas!!!

Heather and Laila said...

I agree with how thoughtful the gifts are. If we just spend a little time listening to our kids, we will eventually learn exactly what they want - and I know for my kids, there isn't a lot, and none of it is really 'big'. Great finds. Very thoughtful. I'm sure your son will love every one of them. :)

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

I love Hubba Bubba! Cute gifts.

Ginette said...

That's a great mixture of things! Good job, Mom!

Humble Bee said...

Nice job! I did a post the other day on my facebook about Laura Ingalls. I made molasses cookies and I think they were the kind that Pa bought Mary and Laura when they were little. I should make a craft called "Laura Ingalls Christmas Peppermint (fill in the blank)"
I was looking at those mitts the other day and they look nice. Great Santa sock! I like the snoopy mug and jug and the sound machine looks neat.

UKZoe said...

We bought that very sound machine a few years ago for our eldest (probably around 16 at the time) and he had a blast with it, although I had to confiscate it on the way to church a few times, GRIN!

Jason said...

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