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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Secret of Great Entryways...

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I have been doing a 'study' of these great entryrooms to figure out what makes a great entryway.

For me, a great entryway has:
 Ample & functional storage for the people who live there. It also had a  bulletin board to keep things 'front and centre', so to speak.
It has a place to hang coats and hats. And baskets for storage.
It tells a bit about the people who live there. The 'personality factor' is so important.
It has great lighting and a comfy mat underfoot.
And a style all it's own.
{Also, I seem to notice that I love blue on the walls.}

After the rush of back to school, I have a few things planned for my entry. I think it could funtion a little better than it does. And it could definitely use an injection of fresh style!

I am going to be 'unplugged' for the next week as I spend time with my familly before everyone heads back to school.  Have a great 'last weekend' of summer!


Pamela said...

Great photos Angie. I want a mud room like the first photo. Love the blue walls too!

I hate the thought of the kids going back to school don't you? Before you know it it will be Christmas break!!
Enjoy the last days of summer!
Pamela xo

Lindsey @ Better After said...

Hi there! So funny, my husband and I just built that console (thanks to the knock off wood blog) in the top picture! Ok, ours is only the one open piece on the right, and it doesn't look nearly that nice, but it's going in the garage anyway, and it's finished!

Kellie Collis said...

Love number 2 and that duckegg blue is delightful. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend! x

Land family said...

I love blue too-my room when you walk into the house is blue, as is the outside of my house. We have no entry way, our house is architectually WEIRD. I love looking at the beautiful pictures but I get a little bummed and frustrated as well. :( Boo hoo.

Enjoy your last weeks of summer!

Maria Killam said...

Angie, what a fabulous entry post, I need to save it in my favourites file! Thank you!

Danie said...

Surfing PB, huh? I've been pouring over that last catalogue daily. And the last photo with the blue much do I love that?

Your blog is awesome!

nannykim said...

Oh I love the blue and the white--it made me want to go out and get some paint--I wish I could do this! I don't have an entry area. But I would love blue and white in the house.

Thanks for the stop by at one of my I can't remember which one it was! ha!

 Tatum said...

Hi there,

It must have been meant to be that I would stumble upon your site! I have a home with no foyer and have been struggling with making a makeshift one! You literally walk directly into my living room. Thanks for the inspiration to keep trying! Check me out if you get some time, and I love to get new followers! :-)

TheBittenKitten said...

Hi Tatum and Land-Family,

I used to not have a foyer or a dining room, either, but I had a contractor put in a new room, creating a separate foyer/dining/living out of what used to be a big open walk-through space. I paid about $5600 to have a dining room put in w/ french doors from the living room.

The contractors (I adored them) are great guys, and they also closed up the opening to the private part of the house and put in crown and floor molding in the entire new space. So I now have a beautiful dining room AND and awesome foyer!

The living room is cosier and I really enjoy sitting there now. I also have a little more privacy. My house is a quintessential 3-bed American Rancher, so I have big windows/Patio Doors in the front and back. So, before the renovation, it was kind of a see-through house. :(

You don't have to go as far as I did, but I think a foyer space can be created with the addition of a wall/partial wall. A contractor would just frame in a wall facing the entry. Put in the electric and drywall, then apply trim to match the rest of the house. Then paint the color(s) of your choice, and Voila. A place to put a mirror, console, bench etc.

I think a job like that would cost probably cost around $1000. IMO it's worth it if you have foyer angst.


Inspire Me Heather said...

They are all great! I linked this to my mudrooms and entryways post too, for inspiration!

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