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Thursday, April 08, 2010

my happy homemaking heart...

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Here are some new things this week  that make my little homemaking heart go pitter patter. My wonderful husband picked this up for me from Costco a few days ago. Hunter and I had a little tug of war over it when it arrived home, but I let her have it since she's so cute & all. Besides, what mother doesn't want to encourage their offspring to cook for the family?

I also bought a bottle of this. Why love it? Well, you might not be able to tell from the picture, but this is not large jug. It's a jug the size of a mustard bottle. And 4 little squirts does one load of laundry. But again, may I large jug that hurts your wrist when you pour it, or makes a sloppy mess. ( really need this!)

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Grace said...

Does the laundry detergent really do a good job? Amazing, what will they think of next. Did that also come from Costco?

I agree with you about encouraging your off-spring to cook. Two of mine are keen and one not so much, but I'm working on her.

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