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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am in lust....

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with all of these fresh-looking lounge spaces.
I love the down-filled, french styled tufted sofa. The layers of creamy color. The hints of soft yellow and green. The whole look is so calm and welcoming.

The picture collage in this room just makes me swoon.It's eclectic, pretty and funky. I love the floral print in the middle. I have seen it to purchase online and I am tempted.
This room comes from Canadian House & Home and I believe it is the home of 2 men in Vancouver.
I love it for it's fun look and it's eclectic grouping over the sofa.
Something unexpected.
Another room from Canadian House & Home.
I believe it is described as a modern take on bohemian.
I love the turquiose rug that is the platform for this look.
All these rooms have creamy, neutral backgrounds
 that allow for the accessories and hints of color to sing and give character.
I am dying to paint my whole house a cream color.
Now to convince the other half.
It's been 5 years since this place was painted.
I think it's time for a little freshening.

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