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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

homemade christmas projects...

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Custom-made teachers' gifts....decoupaged & monogrammed clipboards for each.
Packaging and delivering to school on Monday morning.

I am a messy baker. What can I say?

A double-batch of Chocolate dream cookies waiting for melted chocolate to be drizzled on top with crushed candy canes.

A triple batch of my Mom's cherry balls. Super easy...made with real butter, icing sugar, coconut and cherries...and oh so delicious! I used to eat these "out of the freezer" at Christmastime growing up.


Lise said...

you are such a clever girl!!! Paden loves your double chocolate cookies :)

Danie said...

I love that you posted a photo of your (not nearly as messy as mine) kitchen. Good to know someone out there is (not quite, but almost) as messy of a baker as I am!

Danie said...

I came back to look at your clipboards again. I love them! Where did you get the inspiration for these?

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