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Monday, June 08, 2009

My pink beauty.....

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My sweet husband has set out to pick up this bike for me today. I have been literally swooning over this bike since I saw it! The Electra 'Townie'. in 'pink pearl'. Love the retro styling and it has 'flat foot' technology which allows the rider to ride in an upright position, as opposed to hunched over and staring at pavement as on a mountain or road bike. So much better for hips, backs and hands. I don't need to ride hunched over...I am not a racer or an off-road biker. I am simply a pleasure seeker who likes to look around at my surroundings and watch my kids in front of me. It rides great on all kinds of terrain....pavement, grass, dirt and sand. I simply cannot wait to cruise around town on my 'townie'.

1 comment:

Lise said...

OOOOoooooo, shiny~~~~
You and me girl, let's hit the paths, you on your bike, me on my blades!

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