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Monday, September 24, 2007

the start of the skating season....

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This poor blog has been so neglected!!! The start of the skating season brought some new issues resulting in us changing clubs from our home Club to the other Club. They are rival clubs and it was not an easy decision. It actually seemed harder for me than for Hunter. This decision ate up oodles & oodles of my time as I talked to & emailed anyone who would listen. I solicited opinions from the adult skaters that I know about what the best thing to do was...we actually went to team practices for both clubs for a week while we made our decision, sort of like test driving a new car.

In the end, after I peeled back all the layers, it was a coach driven decision. Which coach seemed like the best person to help raise our daughter in the next few years thru team-building, self-esteem raising, and hard work? Which coach had better people skills and was direct & communicative? This all led us to the other club. I think our home club was completely blind-sided by this and there are mothers who no longer speak to me. That is unfortunate, but I had to make the best decision for Hunter and I am satisfied that I did make the right decision based on the information I have..... Hunter seems really happy and her new teammates have embraced her.... I hope it turns out to be a great season.
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