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Monday, May 28, 2007

safety city...

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Tyler was invited to a birthday party yesterday at "Safety City" which is essentially a miniature city where the kids are given mini motorized scooters to ride. Included as part of the package is a 20 minutes "safety" session where the rules of crossing a road safely, etc. are explained. Tyler was so excited about this party. He couldn't wait to drive his very own "quad". Such a great party for little boys. They were thoroughly engaged in this for a full 45 minutes. Tyler has been talking about it nonstop since we arrived home. He wants to have his next birthday at Safety City. He wants to have a playdate at Safety City. Too bad you couldn't bring those "quads" home, etc., etc. Hunter had a birthday party to attend on Saturday night. A girl in her class invited the two Grade 5 classes to a pool party at the local community pool and in lieu of gifts, she asked that everyone bring a donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. This little girl recieved almost $800 in donations for diabetes! We had beautiful weather here on the weekend and Ron and Tyler went fishing on Saturday and caught 9 fish. Hunter and I got groceries at Costco and watched some Gilmore Girls before she went to the pool party. The weekend just flies by.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a man who cooks supper...

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Monday, May 21, 2007

did ya miss me?

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Hunter was invited for a sleepover last night and when she got home, Tyler chased her around the house for half an hour teasing her, "did ya miss me Sissy?". I think he missed her. We are so lucky that these kids get along so well. play together. laugh together. love together. I have a friend who's kids, a boy and a girl, are 4 years apart like ours and she says that they have never played together. I never considered this concept until she pointed out to me how close my kids are. Every night, Tyler asks for a kiss and a hug from Sissy before he goes to bed. On days when I am rushed, Hunter will take Tyler to his classroom for me after I walk them across the street to school. I see her take his hand and then open the door for him and give him a kiss. Sure makes my heart swell.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

circus antics...

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dance competition season is finally over. we have been very busy attending 4 different dance competitions for Hunter, and we traveled to U of A twice for each competition, since she competes as a group entry with her Grade 3/4 ballet class and then as a solo entry in the character ballet solo category. This pic is with her ballet class and the young man in the middle has a fabulous handmade costume (by mom) to match the girls costumes. I could not believe the detail put into the criss cross vest. What a talented sewing mom!

It is rainy and cold here today. Both kids have colds and coughs; they both haven't had a cold for a long time. In fact, when we went to give Tyler some medicine, many of our bottles were expired because we haven't needed to use medicine for so long. Some things going on around our house today:
Ron took Hunter to skating this morning. She is preparing to take 2 skating tests at the end of May.
Tyler stayed home and hung out with me. We folded some laundry and cleaned up his room.
I just finshed putting Maritime brown bread in the breadmaker to have with supper.
I also just finished putting Crockpot Jambalaya in the slowcooker for supper. It is perfect for a chilly day.
Warm, spicy and full of shrimp, scallops, chicken and italian sausage.
The boys are taking in the hockey game ont tv. Too cold for fishing in the boat.
Hunter is in her room working on her homework.
I am trying to finish reading "Bitter Chocolate" by Carol Off. Then I am heading to Chapters to browse for awhile since supper is all taken care of.
Tonight is family movie night and what would family movie night be without dill pickle and nacho seasoning for the popcorn? This is a must for 3 people in the house. I actually just like mine plain with butter. We are air popping our popcorn now since it is healthier (and I read about the toxic bath of chemicals in the microwave brands).

Friday, May 11, 2007

so little many fish

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the boys just back from fishing and Tyler is full of fish tales. He caught this awesome fish with a fly that he picked himself. he was so excited to go fishing with Dad in the boat. what a great day.

friday night...

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it has been a gorgeous day. the first real summer like day we have had. The boys have gone fishing in the boat. i packed them a picnic supper. Hunter brought 2 friends home from school. went to dairy queen for supper and had blizzards. the girls are outside playing badminton, frisbie, and blowing bubbles. here is another layout-Hunter's 10th birthday at American Girl Place in Chicago. It is so great to be caught up in my scrapbooking with birthday to get caught up in other things as well. this no working thing is like having adhd at times. can't stay focused on any one thing for two long. found myself zooming down 170th street this morning with Josephine (after i had just dropped the kids off at school- i had planned to go home and have a shower AND brush my teeth)to go to the big mall to hit a sale and visit the new star attraction-H&M.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

scrapbooking retreat...

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had a great time at my scrapbook retreat. Ron arrived home from Calgary just in time for me to leave for 3 days. I slept, ate & scrapbooked with 6 other friends. Had a margarita or two.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

not mentioning any names but....

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somebody had a birthday this week. a big birthday.
the one that comes after 39.
we had to call him and sing happy birthday on the phone.
he got a boat for his birthday. and a trolling motor.
for fishing excursions with the family.
we might let him go alone once in awhile.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


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Here's what i did today:
  • woke up late at 8am. got the kids a quick breakfast. made lunches. got to school on time.
  • came home and went for a 28 minute walk. cleaned kitchen and organized fridge.
  • packed and messed up scrapbooking stuff again.
  • took a quick shower and went to school with wet hair to pick up Tyler. picked up the mail.
  • made lunch for Tyler and I. Put sweet n sour chicken in the slow cooker for supper. Called my scrapbook friend to finalize plans.
  • decided that not buying any new scrapbook stuff wasn't any fun. went to urban scrapbook to shop for some stuff for an hour. Tyler played in play room while i shopped.
  • picked up Hunter from school. came home. called mom & dad. put tyler in the bathtub. looked at my scrapbook stuff. looked at hunter's homework.
  • wished i cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed today.
  • talked to Theresa on phone. couldn't take little girl for her tomorrow because i am helping with tyler's field trip. boohoo.
  • cooked rice to go with chicken for supper. made Tyler grilled cheese. ate supper. cleaned kitchen.
  • read with tyler. watched gilmore girls with hunter. tucked in both children.
  • talked to Nicole on the phone. typed hunter's french essay on computer for tomorrow.
  • bed at 10:18 pm. read 'bitter chocolate' for new book club for awhile.

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